"Be met with Love & Presence"

A 45 mn zoom session to let your voice be heard
& feel the deep embrace of Unconditional Love

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 3 months 1:1 mentoring
to liberate you
from sexual abuse and trauma
Body, Mind & Soul

A woman who has been victim of sexual abuse has built a fortress to defend her intimacy...


This armouring of the body and heart is the natural response to a situation your system can not integrate, and it takes a lot of courage and strength to carry on with life after abuse.

You can unguard your body, heal your heart, rewire your mind and retrieve your Soul

to live a life of Embodied Presence, Authenticity, Safety and Peace.


Maybe you've tried many healing modalities, but still feel something is missing...

  •  A sense of wholeness. Right now you feel broken, the pieces of your being completely scattered.

  • A rooted feeling of self-worth. Now you’re constantly being torn apart by self-doubts and self-loathing thoughts. 

  • An embodied safety in your body. Now you don’t know how to liberate the stored trauma colonizing you.

  • Healthy attachement and relationships. You are currently living with co-dependency, neediness, people-pleasing patterns and fear of rejection.

  • A vibrant body. Now you're stuck in your head, unable to let sensations and life flow.

  • A safe roadmap to pleasure. Through trauma it became associated with danger. 

  • An authentically settled peace. Now you are in a chronic survival mode. 


Now is the ripe time
to become fully ALIVE and
VIBRANT, free from your past
the beautiful, joyful
luxuriant woman
you are.


Take a pause, breathe in your gut and imagine...
                                          the version of you you’re about to uncover …

  • You feel whole : You have retrieved your Body, Heart, Mind & Soul

  •  You know your worth : You are one with the Source of Unconditional Love & You know how to reconnect when you lose track

  • You feel safe : You have dearmoured and liberated the stored trauma 

  • You know how to co-create & sustain healthy relationships : Your attachement is secure and you know how to communicate your truth and walk through challenges 

  • You feel good in your body :  Flexible, Flowing, Listening, Connected

  • You are open to pleasure : Pleasure is now safe, and you can surrender to it freely & at your own pace

  • You feel peace : You know how to navigate life and its changing circumstances


You now create life on your terms because you have made the shift from survivor to Thrive


In the hollow of your being is a jewel.
A pearl as pure, as clear, as precious
as the pearl of dew
in the hollow of the lady's mantle.
This pearl is inviolable, unalterable, eternal.
This pearl
is your true identity.

Let's walk hand in hand

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Your journey

Heal your Body

Through Body-Mind dialogue and de-armouring practices, you are going to enter into a space of gentle safe connection with your stored emotions. You walk hand in hand with me and at your own pace to slowly unpack your trauma, surrender to the innate Wisdom and Guidance of your Body, and recover Grace, Freedom, Movement and Sensations : a Body that feels Vibrant; a Body you feel connected to; a Body that is your reliable Safe Haven.


I will share with you the profoundly healing Medicine of the Heart of Universal Sufism, so that you step into the One and only reality beyond trauma : Love, Harmony & Beauty. You will learn practices anchored in ancient Middle-Eastern mysticism to open to Universal Love, Healing Energy and Embodied Unity that will open and heal your heart and dust the traces of wounds off your true essence.

(the mystic path of Universal Sufism and the practices shared DO NOT require you to be of any religious obedience or to have any religious background. I will never ask you to change your religious and spiritual beliefs and faith. My work is rooted in Hazrat Inayat Khan's wisdom "All spiritual paths are like rivers flowing to the same Ocean")





Neurological studies have shown how trauma colonizes the brain, affects your emotional response to life and has deep consequences on your belief system. Through the art of kinesiology and various trauma informed practices, you are going to work your way out of self-loathing, unworthiness and self-doubts. You are going to free yourself from the mental prison trauma has built around your mind.






When you carefully and tenderly tend to all the layers of your Being, your Soul starts to feel safe again. It opens up like a flower and let its diamond show : your true Essence. 

This journey is a sacred re-unfolding of your Soul.

Heal your Heart

Heal your Mind

Heal your Soul


What you get during your 3 months with me

Private mentoring

  • 3 healing sessions/month on zoom : we will listen what is needed in the present moment, and tend to your healing process in a safe and gentle way. No rush, no pressure, no expectations. We go slow and we go deep.
    The healing sessions are intuitively personalised to meet your needs of the moment.

  •  Tailor made Flower essences Healing kit including : 1 FE combo for internal use + 1 FE massage oil + 1 FE acupuncture prep that will powerfully yet tenderly address the patterns getting in the way of your true transformation, support a new awareness of the treasure hidden in your shadow.

  • Unlimited support (week days) to walk hand in hand with me (email and Telegram)


You will feel connected , supported and elevated on the path to your freedom.






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My heart desires the best for you, so I’ve added some Gifts for You

  • Guided meditations designed for you and you only  for a lifetime of support

  • Journal prompts to help you raise your awareness and reflect on your unfolding

  • A  cacao ceremony on zoom to open your heart to deep love and balance your feminine and masculine energy (you'll receive your cacao blend with instructions with your flower essence kit, in the mail, for no extra cost, wherever you are in the world)

  • 1000$ off your VIP immersion retreat with me in the heart of the french forest for a customized rite and ceremony that will integrate and activate your transformation on a deeper level

       (If it is not possible for you to travel to France, you get 500$ off a VIP Retreat Day online)


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Hi, I am Asherah Dominique Boyer

Today I can say that I love my life,

I’m living in the middle of a beautiful forest of ancient oak and chestnut trees in the wilderness of southern France, I’m building my hobbit house with a man I deeply love and trust who is the conscious sensitive Masculine I’ve always dreamt of.
I love my work of supporting women to shift from surviving to thriving in a way that is deep, light, natural, loving and empowering. I’m at peace with my past. I live a life aligned with my deepest heart’s desire, full of
joy, laughter and a lightness of being. I am free to be authentically, unapologetically ME.

But that was not always the case…

In my early years I experienced traumatic sexual abuse over the course of many years. In my twenties, I thought that fleeing abroad would erase my problems like magic. I quickly discovered rather than going away, my unhealed trauma left me in a deeply frozen state. So much so that my work colleagues and friends nicknamed me “ice cube.”

This nickname wasn't a joke and landed in me like knife in the heart... it was time for me to do something to heal.

I went back to France and invested in psychotherapy for more than 10 years. Those 10 years got me standing up for myself, speaking out and going to court to get justice... But I still didn’t feel relief nor peace... I felt, deep within my core, that something was missing that talk therapy was failing to address : the consequences of trauma on my body, my heart and my soul. So after 10+ years of therapy and getting a master’s degree in clinical psychology, I started to walk a different path of healing. I turned to holistic medicine practices and those became the stepping stone to my next level : I started feeling again in my body and gained immense vitality and joy.

And I was graced to meet the spiritual path of Universal Sufism that also brought me what I deeply needed to heal my wounds :


  • from being lonely and abandoned, I took root in a deep sense of  belonging to and being unconditionally loved by Life itself

  • from anger and resentment, I stood up for my personal boundaries, my big NOs and my big YESs, and aligned with my soul;

  • from identifying with victim  consciousness and surviving, I saw and felt in my every cell the abundance of blessings everywhere around me and started thriving.

Today, I draw upon all of my experience and training, as a clinical psychologist, certified Reiki practitioner, kinesiologist, flower essence and floral acupuncture therapist, leader and mentor of the Dances of Universal Peace and guide in the embodied spiritual path of Universal Sufism, to support women with a holistic and embodied approach that help them reclaim the rich and abounding woman they are so that they can stop surviving and start thriving on all levels.

“Luxuriance” is the contribution of my soul to a world where all women are safe and free to flourish in the most vibrant way possible.


What's unique about my approach

  • Your deepest wounds are Sacred fertile ground. Just like the compost, they hold the very seeds of your radiance and they will empower you

  • I offer a whole & holy path to healing. You heal on all levels. Not just the mind. Not just the body. Not just the heart.

  • You can evolve and grow with joy and lightness of being, without talking your story out again and again !

  • Embodied universal spirituality is an active part of my approach. I offer guidance through ancient mystic traditions and practices including Universal Sufism, the Aramaic Healing Ministry of Jesus, the Healing Wisdom of Tara and beyond. 


Women talk about their healing journey...

Before working with Asherah, I was struggling in a relationship with a narcissist. I felt that I had to make the decision to end this relationship without succeeding in doing so. Working with Asherah allowed me to connect to several of my shadow
parts. I was able to see them at first, then welcome them one by one, with a lot of benevolence and love, and suddenly as they were seen and taken into account, they gradually turned into light. This allowed me to meet my power and my resources, to see that I could at any time reconnect to my breath and my presence and liberate myself ...
I was able to reclaim my personal power and connect to my sovereignty. I made the decision to end that relationship. Today this work allows me to meet myself in my depths, to see more clearly my patterns, to take another look at things and to be on the beautiful path of love for myself and the presence to who I am, to be at peace and to feel joy. I have a lot of gratitude to Asherah who has been a great help.


Working with Asherah has changed the way I look at my difficulties, and above all, my way of experiencing them has change. I was able to move forward on a path of peace, even WITH those. And I do not talk about long courses, nor about theory either: in my daily life, it has become different, I became able to “grasp myself” differently and almost instantly. With a background of love and joy and hope, whose taste is not negligible! Thank you Asherah!
Asherah has a strength of conviction, faith, life... she walks with you with benevolence, bright and lively eyes, always so valiant and confident in your ttransformation. I ended up lowering the barriers, letting myself be picked up.
What life force! What intelligence of life! What heart, what love! Asherah is inhabited by uncommon strengths.
So yes, since this work with Asherah, my life is no longer the same: I live each day as a day of possible progress, at least as a day of pacification, patience, in love. Love of me and love of others, because growing up in understanding and loving myself, I grew up welcoming others too,

Thank you, bright Asherah, thank you!




3 months 1:1 mentoring  

to liberate you

from sexual abuse and trauma

Body, Heart, Mind & Soul

Investment : Full payment 3500€ or 3 monthly payments of 1300€

You want to join Luxuriance and you have questions ?

I'm happy to offer you a free 45mn call to get to know each other

and feel into a possible journey together

Out beyond ideas
of right and wrong
there is a field.

I'll meet you there.