"Be met with Love & Presence"

A 45 mn zoom session to let your voice be heard
& feel the deep embrace of Unconditional Love

Hi, I am Asherah Dominique Boyer

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  • Masters degree in clinical psychology

  • Certified Kinesiologist

  • Certified Flower essences & Floral Acupuncture therapist 

  • Certified Reiki practitioner

  • Spiritual Guide in the lineage of Hazrat Inayat Khan and Universal Sufism - Sufi Ruhaniat International

  • Dances of Universal Peace leader & mentor

  • Framedrummer

  • With more than 10 years supporting women individually and through spiritual retreats

I’m living in the middle of a beautiful forest of ancient oak and chestnut trees in the wilderness of southern France. I’m building my hobbit house with a man I deeply love and trust,who is the conscious sensitive Masculine I’ve always dreamt of.


I love my work of supporting women in a way that is deep, light, natural and sensual, loving and empowering so that, just like I did, they can shift from surviving to thriving.


I’m at peace with my past. I live a life aligned with my deepest heart’s desire, full of joy, laughter and  lightness of being. I am completely free to be the luxuriant woman that I am, unapologetically.


But that was not always the case...

In my early years I experienced traumatic sexual abuse over the course of many years. In my twenties, I thought that fleeing abroad would erase my problems like magic.

But when I discovered by accident that my work colleagues and friends had given me

the nickname of “the Ice cube”, I was in deep shock.

I was seeing myself as a fun loving and warm young woman...

I was abroad alone, without any true friend nor any exciting dream to follow, and

realized that this shockingly harsh name that felt like a knife in my heart was actually

reflecting the freezing mode I had used to not implode and disintegrate while I was

being raped and manipulated (mentally and physically) and that this frozen state had

become chronic and totally unconscious. I was unable to connect with myself

or with others and build heart-based, secure relationships, even as a friend...

It was time for me to do something...


I went back to France and invested in psychotherapy for more than 10 years. Those 10 years got me standing up for myself, speaking out and going to court to get justice done...


But I still didn’t feel relief nor peace...


And one day, I sat down on my therapist sofa, looked him in the eyes for the first time

in 10 years, and claimed my freedom : “I AM DONE with psychotherapy”. Despite his

trials to make me stay and carry on, I left, head high, and never looked back.


What had happened ?

I realized that talking my story out was not enough for me to truly heal.

I felt, deep within my core, that something was missing that talk therapy was failing to address : the consequences of trauma on my body, my heart and my soul.


So after 10+ years of therapy and getting a master’s degree in clinical psychology, I started to walk a different path of healing. I turned to holistic medicine practices and those became the stepping stones to my next level : I started feeling again in my body and gained immense vitality and joy.


I was graced to meet a spiritual path that has brought me what I deeply needed in order to heal my wounds : 

  • from feeling lonely and abandoned, I took root in a deep sense of belonging 

       and being unconditionally loved by Life itself

  • from anger and resentment, I stood up for my personal boundaries, my big NOs and my big YESs, and aligned with my soul

  • from identifying with victim consciousness and surviving, I saw and felt in my every cell the

       abundance of blessings everywhere around me and started thriving.


Today, I am the happy founder of “Inner Gardening”, a practice that supports women with a holistic and embodied approach so that they reclaim the rich and abounding being that they are, stop surviving and start thriving on all levels.

I work with women worldwide, in english and in french.


                 Do you want to work with me ? Let's connect and see if we're a good match !