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There is nowhere to go and nothing to fix

Have you ever thought, consciously or unconsciously, that there is something wrong with you and that somehow you need to be fixed ? Very often on our healing journey, we feel so uncomfortable with some parts of ourselves, parts we would like to see disappear, that we try everything to change them. For me, this attitude towards ourselves comes from 2 thought patterns :

  • I need to be perfect in order to be loved (validated, safe, acknowledged…fill in the blank with your personal version)

  • I am not good enough, so I need to fix myself somehow (there must be something wrong with me, why do I feel this…)

And I want to ask you, Has that ever made you feel good ? Have these thoughts ever helped you feel loved and accepted ? I bet your answer is NO. But why do we keep being pushy with ourselves anyway ? I think we have been raised in a system ruled by a distorted masculine, and we are conditioned to believe we need to show proof that we are loveable by fitting into the boxes outer authority has created for its own selfish, morbid purpose. Today I invite you to shift from trying to fit in and lose yourself, to freeing yourself and finding true unconditional love… (keep reading underneath the photo)


You are not a thing to be fixed


Yes, you are perfect just the way you are in this very moment :

  • You are not your trauma, your broken heart, your wound

  • What you feel in this very moment is valid and not questionable

  • There is nothing wrong with you, there has never been and never will be




And you are capable of giving yourself this unconditional love,

  • stop judging yourself for what you've gone through,

  • stop trying to push away what you feel,

  • stop trying to fit in…

And instead :

  • welcome your life story as it is, the shit and the greatness with the same openness,

  • be present with what you feel in your body,

  • free yourself by following your joy and pleasure

The way I work with the women who come to me is unique because it helps you do just that. When you learn to welcome you, presence you and follow what turns you on, you become your very own source of unconditional love. You become free. That's what I want for you from the bottom of my heart


If you want to take the first steps towards your freedom and authentic healing, I encourage you to look into those 2 free gifts I have for you :

  1. If you have not subscribed yet, you can learn how to be fully present through reconnecting to your sensuality in a safe way with my complete Guide : Unleash Your Sensual Goddess - 7 Keys to Heal Sexual Abuse & Trauma through the Feminine in a gentle, easy and joyfull way

  2. You can also enjoy the replay of the Masterclass “Heal trauma & abuse the Feminine Way” co-hosted by myself and my friend Chanin Zellner. We share unique tools to get you started on your healing journey.

With Love from the Goddess, Asherah


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